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Purple is a wonderful color that, when used thoughtfully, can transform a nursery into a haven of charm and comfort.

In this article, we’ll explore some exceptionally beautiful purple nursery ideas, showcasing the art of pairing purple with complementary shades like white, grey, and teal.

And stay tuned because, later on, we’ll unveil the perfect way to design a stunning lavender nursery using products readily available on Amazon.

Get ready to be inspired!

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1- Violet Whisper

Paint the wall where the crib goes a soft purple. Hang up curtains with purple shapes on them. The crib, dresser, and other things should be white.

This makes the room bright and happy. Purple is calm, so it’s good for sleeping and playing.

White keeps it simple and clean.

This way, the nursery is a happy spot for your baby to grow.

2- Purple, White, & Grey

Paint your walls a soft purple. It’s a happy color that’s not too bright.

Hang some hoops and a name banner on the wall to make it special.

Use a grey and white rug to add a bit of fun to the floor.

For furniture, go with white—it looks clean and bright.

You can put a soft toy or two around to make it feel homey.

3- Butterly Theme

You can go for light grey on the walls. It’s a soft color that will make your room feel open and light.

Pick a white crib and dresser to keep it simple and match with anything.

Add a big, soft rug with a little bit of purple. It’ll be great for playtime on the floor.

You can put some gold frames with nice pictures up high where baby can see and enjoy.

A little bench with a cushion and a round, soft stool are perfect for sitting and reading stories.

4- Royal Purple Nursery

You can copy this beautiful nursery by keeping most things white and giving a touch of purple in a few things like curtains, bedding, wall decor, and plants.

A rug with a light purple color will complement both, the purple decor and white furniture.

5- So Simple Style

Start with white board and batten walls to make the room feel big and bright.

Get a white crib too. Then find a fluffy purple rug—it’s soft for playing and adds a splash of color.

A purple curtain with ruffles can dress up the window.

If you like, put up a fancy light—it can be purple too, to match the rug and curtain.

This room will be a nice place for your baby to sleep and have fun.

6- Grey Grace

Choose light grey paint for your nursery walls to give a calm backdrop.

A white crib stands out nicely against it.

For a touch of color, try a bright purple curtain on the window.

Maybe add your baby’s name in purple letters on the wall—it’s personal and sweet.

7- Two Shades Of Purple

For a nursery that feels bright and nice, choose two shades of grey: a very light grey, almost white, for the walls, and a slightly darker grey for accents like the crib or the changing table.

This keeps the room looking light and airy.

Then, for a pop of color, add a brighter purple through accessories like blankets, toys, or a curtain under the desk.

The light walls reflect the sunshine, making the room cheery and welcoming, while the purple touches give it a playful heart.

8- Two Shades Of Purple Paired With Grey

In this room, two shades of purple come together to make it special.

The walls are a light purple, giving a soft glow that feels happy and calm.

Then, there are touches of a darker purple, like on the curtains and the crib sheets, to add depth and interest.

White furniture keeps the room looking clean and bright.

Grey, like on the crib, is a smart choice because it goes with everything and doesn’t get dirty easily.

With white, grey, and purple working together, the nursery is a place that’s both peaceful and pretty, just right for your little one.

9- Purple, White & Teal

This nursery uses a very light purple on the walls for a gentle feel.

The carpet is a rich teal, which looks nice with the wall color and adds warmth.

The furniture is white, which is clean and simple.

Grey touches, like the chair and storage, are smart—they don’t show dirt and they go with everything.

10- Fun Color Mix

For this nursery, one wall has a pattern in grey and white to make it lively.

The other walls are a soft grey to keep the room feeling light.

Mix in some purple like on the curtains and a few decorations—it adds a nice burst of color.

The rug has different shades of grey and goes well with everything.

White furniture like the crib and shelves looks clean and is easy to match.

Then, for something fun, put in a bright blue chair or pouf.

It makes the room fun and is a great spot for reading or resting.

11- Diamond Delight

This is a pure picture of the combination of grey and purple.

To create a nursery like this, paint your walls with big, diamond shapes in two shades of purple.

It gives a fancy look. Put in a grey crib and match it with a dresser.

Choose a fluffy purple rug for the floor; it’s nice for your feet and adds a cozy touch.

A shiny chandelier and a mirror can make the room sparkle.

12- Purple, White & black Nursery

In this nursery, soft purple walls are the backdrop for whimsical floral decals, which add a playful touch.

Accents of black, like the comfy chair, ottoman, and the trim on the white shelves, make a bold statement.

Black contrasts sharply with the light purple and white, bringing a modern edge to the room.

The black and white details on items like the lampshade and the changing table drawer pulls tie the look together.

13- Fun & Floral

This nursery has a lovely light purple on the walls, creating a soft and sweet atmosphere.

White furniture, like the crib and bookshelf, gives the room a bright and airy feel.

Pink accents from the ribbons on the crib, the chair, and the ottoman add a layer of gentle warmth.

Delicate butterflies fluttering across the walls bring a sense of magic and movement.

14- Purple, White, And Gold Nursery

This nursery features a light purple wall with golden tree decals, giving it a touch of nature and whimsy.

The other wall is a calming beige, balancing the colors nicely.

A white crib sits against the purple backdrop, with soft bedding that invites sweet dreams.

15- Purple And White Combo

This nursery is a perfect image of pure purple and white combo.

This design is so simple to copy.

Paint your nursery walls a soft lilac purple for a calming effect.

Furnish the room with white pieces—a crib, dresser, and changing table to keep the space feeling open and bright.

Decorate with white accents, like a chair rail or elegant chandelier, to add a touch of sophistication.

16- Striped Nursery

This nursery combines soft pink horizontal stripes on the walls with vibrant jewel tones in the furniture and accessories.

The white crib is a bright focal point, adorned with pink bedding that matches the walls.

A teal armchair and a fuchsia ottoman add a pop of rich color and provide comfy seating.

On the wall, framed art in cheerful colors contributes to the nursery’s playful vibe. Gold frames add a touch of glamour.

A fluffy white rug on the floor offers a cozy spot for play and cuddles.

17- Minimalist Purple

For a modern and serene nursery, consider this simple yet stylish purple and white design.

The room features neutral walls that serve as a blank canvas for splashes of purple in the rug, crib bedding, and accents like pillows and wall art.

White furniture, including a dresser and shelves, keeps the space feeling clean and spacious.

The wooden floor adds warmth to the room, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

18- Moonlight Mauve

For a nursery that feels gentle and dreamy, paint the walls a soft purple.

Add a dark metal crib for a bit of old-fashioned charm.

White flower wall art can make it feel fancy.

A fuzzy rug on the floor is nice for playtime.

This place is perfect for your little one to sleep tight and have sweet dreams.

19- Purple Pinstripe

This room features walls with stripes in two shades of purple, adding a bold and playful look.

A black crib sits against this backdrop, making a strong statement.

The patterned armchair adds texture and comfort to the space.

Simple lanterns and the child’s name in elegant script personalize the room.

20- Purple Accent Wall

This nursery uses a soft purple panel design on the accent wall to create a cozy and creative space.

The rest of the room is painted in a light, neutral color, keeping the space bright.

A white crib and dresser complement the purple without overwhelming it.

A comfortable grey nursing chair is the perfect place for snuggles and stories.

21- Violet Brushstrokes

This room is wrapped in a wallpaper with a watercolor floral pattern, blending purples and greys to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Solid purple curtains complement the wall design without competing for attention.

A white crib against the patterned backdrop stands out, and playful artwork adds a touch of fun.

22- Most Epic One

Isn’t this one so beautiful?

The purple and white floral wallpaper adds life to everything in the nursery.

Keeping all the furniture pure white and adding a touch of purple to the rug and the walls is something that looks so adorable.

How To Decorate A Perfect Purple Nursery?

When it comes to decorating a perfect purple nursery, it’s essential to understand that the shade of purple and contrasting colors play a crucial role.

Purple can either make your baby’s room lively or subdued, depending on how you use it.

To create an ideal purple nursery, start by selecting the right shade of purple that suits your taste and desired atmosphere. (Lilac or Lavender is perfect)

Once you have the color, the key is to balance it.

Use mostly white elements in the room, such as white walls or furniture.

White provides a clean and bright backdrop, making the space feel open and airy.

To add depth and contrast, incorporate a few grey accents.

Grey complements purple beautifully and adds a touch of sophistication to the nursery. This could include grey furniture, decor items, or even a rug.

Finally, give the room that charming purple touch. This can be achieved through purple bedding, curtains, wall art, or decorative accents.

These pops of purple will bring life and character to the nursery while maintaining a harmonious balance with the white and grey elements.

Here’s How To Decorate One Right Now (Everything On Amazon)

You can easily get everything on Amazon and set up a beautiful purple nursery.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get a light purple and white colored peel and stick wallpaper and put it on the walls.

  2. Get solid Lavender (or your favorite Purple) curtains.

  3. You can choose a light purple colored rug.

  4. Choose nursery furniture in white color.

  5. You can add a touch of any other color (like teal, grey, or pink) by choosing a contrasting ottoman and changing pad cover.

  6. Get purple and white crib bedding.

  7. You can skip choosing wall art or wall decor items if you have opted for a patterned wallpaper, otherwise, just add lavender-themed wall art or use white floating shelves and decorate it with purple items.

  8. Get purple stuffed toys and place them around the crib, dresser or nursing chair.

Here are the things you need:

You can easily all necessary things from Amazon.


light purple rug

Solid White/Purple curtains

White Furniture

Purple stuffed toys/cushions

White crib bedding

White Floor Lamp

Purple Nursery Decoration Ideas

Check out these beautiful purple nursery decorations:

1– Baby mobile

2- Wall Art

3- Changing Pad Cover

4- Storage Cubes

5- Crib Skirt

6- Decorative Cushions

7- Floor Lamp

8- Canopy

Final Words:

I hope now you have a clear idea in mind of what to do to set up a nice purple nursery for your little baby girl.

Before you go, check out these beautiful pink nurseries as well because pink is close to purple and is another nice option for you.

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