potty training rewards for girls

If you’re on a mission to bid farewell to diapers with your little princess, you’re in for a treat—literally! 

Today, we’re diving into the world of potty training rewards (your secret weapon). These little celebrations make a big splash!

But here’s the scoop: Keep it small and budget-friendly. Why? Because we’re all about cheering for the small victories, and trust me, there will be many! 

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small potty training rewards for little girls

So, get ready for a guide on turning potty time into party time. Here’s a list of some cool potty-training rewards for girls:

Nail Stickers

For a quick and chic potty training reward, consider nail stickers

These tiny delights are not only adorable but also easy on the wallet. 

Let your little one choose from sparkly stars, vibrant flowers, or cute animals, turning her nails into a canvas of creativity.

 Easy to apply and budget-friendly, nail stickers add a touch of glamour to those potty triumphs

Dress-up Jewelry

For our little fashionistas hitting potty milestones, consider the magic of dress-up jewelry as a delightful reward!

Beaded bracelets, colorful rings, and even mini necklaces featuring her favorite characters – the choices are as vast as her imagination.

And here’s the sweet spot: dress-up jewelry won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Think dollar stores and budget-friendly finds, where variety meets affordability.

Character-themed Underwear

You’re going to buy undies anyway, right? why not make it a special treat? 

let’s pick the super cool ones with her favorite characters – think Disney Princesses or Minnie Mouse!

There are plenty of options to choose from. Check on Amazon, you’ll find a huge variety.

Temporary Tattoos

Let’s celebrate potty victories with a cool reward – temporary tattoos! these aren’t your permanent ink kind – they’re the cool, peel-and-stick kind that’s all the rage.

Imagine the joy on your little one’s face as they earn a sparkly star, a cute animal, or even their favorite character tattoo every time they conquer the potty challenge.

The best part? Temporary tattoos are super affordable and come in a variety of themes. From princesses and unicorns to superheroes and animals, you can let your little star pick their favorites. It’s a simple, mess-free way to make potty training feel like an exciting adventure.

Fruity Lip Balm

Think about a bunch of fruity lip balms as a potty training reward for girls. 

These aren’t just any lip balms; they’re the fun, fruity kind that makes lip care a delicious adventure. Picture flavors like strawberry, watermelon, or even a tropical mix – a treat for the senses!

The best part? Fruity lip balms are affordable, easy to find, and come in adorable packaging that your little one will love. It’s a simple way to turn potty time into a sweet and rewarding experience.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Ready for a cool potty training reward? How about glow-in-the-dark stickers! Your little star can earn sparkly stars, moons, and even cute animals for conquering the potty challenge. Stick them on the walls or ceiling, and they’ll glow softly in the dark, turning bedtime into a dreamy adventure!

For girls, here are some fun examples:

  • Glowing Stars: Classic and enchanting, perfect for creating a magical night sky.
  • Hearts and Moons: A combination of glowing hearts and crescent moons for a charming display.

These stickers are easy to use, safe, and make potty training an extra special adventure. Ready for a glow-in-the-dark celebration?

Sparkly Sticker Earrings

Calling all little champions! Let’s add a touch of sparkle to those potty training victories with sparkly sticker earrings. 

Imagine sticking on twinkling stars, glamorous gems, or even adorable butterfly bling to celebrate each achievement. 

These sticker earrings are not just a fun accessory; they turn your ears into a dazzling showcase of success.

Easy to put on, completely safe, and turning potty training into a glittery adventure, these sparkly sticker earrings are the perfect way to shine bright after conquering the potty challenge!

small dress up jewelry as a potty training rewards for little girls

Tiny Hair Accessories

We all know at some point we’ll be diving into the world of cute hair accessories for our darling girls. So, why not turn it into a sweet reward for their potty training victories?

Imagine the joy on their faces as they earn sparkly hair clips, bows, or even a tiny princess crown for mastering the potty challenge.

Whether it’s colorful clips, whimsical bows, or accessories featuring their favorite characters, they’re sure to turn those adorable little heads into a showcase of style

Mini Toy Surprises

For your little princess, consider mini toys like:

  • Tiny Dolls: Dolls in miniature form, perfect for imaginative play.
  • Animal Figures: Cute and pocket-sized animals for a little wildlife adventure.
  • Tiny Cars or Vehicles: Miniature vehicles for zooming into fun play sessions.
  • Character Figurines: Mini versions of their favorite characters, bringing joy to playtime.
  • Collectible Figurines: Small, collectible toys that they can cherish and trade with friends.

These mini toys are not just fun; they’re the perfect size for little hands and big imaginations. So, as you gear up for potty training victories, get ready to surprise your little one with these mini wonders. Because when it comes to rewards, the smaller, the merrier!

Miniature Cooking Utensils

Let’s talk about something super cute for our little chefs: miniature cooking utensils

What are these? Well, imagine itty-bitty pots, pans, and utensils made just for tiny hands. 

They’re like regular cooking tools, but extra small and extra fun!

Now, why are these mini kitchen treasures a perfect reward for mastering the potty? Because they turn playtime into a delicious adventure! 

Your little one can pretend to cook up magical meals, stir imaginary soups, and have tiny tea parties with dolls and teddy bears.

In the magical world of potty training, we’ve discovered a galaxy of adorable rewards! From sparkly sticker earrings to tiny chef tools, each triumph becomes a celebration. 

Picture the joy of glow-in-the-dark stickers lighting up bedtime or the sweetness of fruity lip balm treats. And hey, why not turn necessary tasks like buying undies into a girly treat?

Now, for more fantastic ideas, hop over to my other blog post, “Non-Food Potty Training Reward Ideas,” where the adventure continues!

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