Nursery Ideas In Parents Room

Creating a baby space in your own room is a smart move for experienced moms like us. It’s not just a trend but something really helpful.

You know how the experts, like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), suggest that babies sleep in their parents’ room for the first six months?

Well, that’s where having a mini-nursery in your room comes in handy.

If you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment, it’s a super-convenient way to make space for your little one without needing a lot of extra room.

A nursery nook in your room can be really useful, giving your baby a snug spot close to you during those important early months.

Before I share some really cool nursery ideas for parent’s room, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Maintain a consistent style between the nursery and your bedroom decor.
    If your bedroom has a modern vibe, incorporate modern elements into the nursery for a unified look.
  • Choose a color palette for the nursery that complements the existing colors in your bedroom.
    This can create a sense of unity and make the space feel cohesive.
  • Place the crib close to your bed to make nighttime feedings and comforting easier.
    This promotes bonding and is convenient for you as a parent.
  • Maximize storage with clever organization solutions.
    Consider storage bins, under-the-bed storage, or wall-mounted shelves to keep baby essentials neatly organized.
  • Keep in mind the noise level in the room. Soft, comforting sounds might be beneficial, but too much noise could disturb your baby’s sleep.
  • Place the crib close to your bed to make nighttime feedings and comforting easier.

Now, let’s check out these beautiful baby nurseries in the parent’s room.

1- Modern Simplicity

modern nursery in parents room corner

This nursery corner is a masterclass in cohesive design, blending seamlessly with the parent’s room through its matching color scheme.
The wallpaper’s subtle pattern complements the room’s palette, creating a harmonious space that’s both stylish and comforting for babies and parents alike.

2- A Corner for Cuddles

In this snug parent’s room, a cleverly placed bookshelf serves as a gentle partition, carving out a dedicated nursery corner with a touch of ingenuity.

This space-saving solution affords a private, yet connected area for the baby, merging functionality with intimate design to create a shared yet separate space.

3- A Baby’s Room Corner

In the corner of the room, a charming nursery is set up with simplicity in mind.

A wooden crib next to a matching dresser creates a warm, welcoming space for the little one.

4- Softly Lit Nursery Corner

In the bedroom, the nursery fits in nicely. The parents kept the walls white and chose furniture that contrasts well. It looks cool and ties the room together.

5- Nursery Close to Heart

A simple crib rests by the bedside, making for a no-frills nursery corner.

Just the essentials are here, a few soft toys, a cozy blanket, all within arm’s reach.

It’s a practical, sweet setup where everything needed is right by the corner, blending effortlessly into the room.

6- Wicker Wonderland

Right by their bed, the parents have placed a baby dresser and a bassinet, both echoing the room’s beautiful theme.

This matching setup isn’t just lovely to look at; it makes caring for the baby convenient, keeping comfort and style hand in hand.

7- Minimalist Haven

The parents have transformed a closet into a nursery nook, removing the doors and adding a playful wallpaper backdrop.

A mini round crib nestles inside, with baby essentials on the floating shelves above.

Outside, a neat dresser complements the space, enhancing the charm and tidiness of this cozy corner.

8- Compact Nursery Design

This smart nursery setup makes the most of a small space.

A compact crib fits snugly into an alcove, with adorable wildlife prints above creating a mini gallery.

Right beside it, a changing station with storage keeps essentials tidy. It’s a neat, functional corner that doesn’t skimp on style.

9- Vibrant Family Room

In this family bedroom, one wall is joyfully dedicated to the baby, adorned with colorful artwork and playful decor.

A cheerful crib beneath the vibrant display and a dresser topped with toys and essentials create a dedicated, lively space for the youngest member, infusing the room with warmth and happiness.

10- Soft Nursery Corner

This nursery nook is a gentle splash of pastel pink, creating a tranquil corner that complements the room’s soft hues.

A white crib with pink bedding pairs with a streamlined changing area, all neatly arranged to maximize space without sacrificing style or comfort.

11- Bedroom with Baby in Mind

This bedroom is calm and modern. A crib is tucked into a little corner, matching the room’s gentle colors.

Simple pictures hang above it, and there’s a comfy chair for mom or dad. It’s a peaceful place for the whole family.

12- Fairytale Nursery

This cozy nursery corner charms with a beautiful animal theme.

Adorable wall stickers of playful animals with balloons bring the back wall to life.

A stuffed animal toy and a matching animal stool add fun touches.

The crib’s color blends with the room, creating a seamless and enchanting space.

13- Blush and Serenity

In this nursery, soft blush walls provide a peaceful backdrop.

A tall white bookshelf offers ample space for books and toys, contributing to the room’s tidy feel.

A white crib beneath a playful mobile and a plush armchair paired with a modern pouf complete this tranquil and inviting corner.

14- Nursery In A Closet

Parents have creatively transformed a closet into a full nursery.

On one side sits a mini crib with built-in drawers, and above, shelves hold baby items within easy reach.

Over the crib, hanging baskets offer a clever solution for keeping necessities handy, making every inch of this nursery both functional and stylish.

15- By the Window

This vibrant nursery has been lovingly set up in the corner of the parents’ room, where sunlight streams in and brings the playful space to life.

Hanging stars and a macrame plant holder add a touch of whimsy, while a yellow chair brightens the corner.

The crib is nestled beside a window, surrounded by books and toys, creating a cheerful haven for the little one within the parents’ comforting presence.

16- Spacious Closet Transformation

Tucked in a converted closet, this nursery space is smart and sleek.

A white crib is nestled comfortably, illuminated by a gentle light, with “goodnight” etched sweetly on the wall.

Next to it, a built-in dresser holds clothes and baby must-haves, showcasing a clever use of space that’s both practical and inviting.

Did you like the ideas? Aren’t these parents so creative.

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What Kind Of Furniture Is Suitable For Baby’s Nursery In Parent’s Room?

When setting up a nursery in the parents’ room, the right furniture should save space and do more than one thing.

Choose a small crib that has drawers for clothes or blankets.

A dresser with a changing pad on top is great because it can be used for both changing and storage.

Use shelves on the walls to keep things off the floor and make more room. Pick simple colors and designs that look good with the rest of the room.

Every piece of furniture should have a few uses, so the nursery is easy to move around in and has everything the baby needs.

Before you go, check out these nursery furniture items that are very suitable for the nursery in the parent’s bedroom.

Mini Crib With Attached Dresser

Corner Cabinet

Dresser With Changing Pad Top & Drawers

Rolling Cart For Baby Essentials

Ottoman With Storage

Find out more about nursery setup and decor ideas here.

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