8 month old with lovey in crib

When your baby turns 8 months old, it’s a special time full of new experiences and feelings. As a parent, you want to make sure your little one feels safe and cozy. You might be thinking about giving them a soft toy, called a “lovey,” to have in their crib. But, we need to be careful about it.

Do 8 months old love a lovey?

When babies turn 8 months old, they start showing lots of feelings that caregivers can see. They smile and laugh more, which means they know what joy is. 

At this age, babies also become attached to special things like a soft toy, which we call a “lovey.” These toys feel nice and smell familiar, making babies feel calm and happy when they have them around. 

It’s like having a cozy friend that brings comfort to the baby.

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Can you put a lovey in the crib at 8 months?

No, it is not recommended to put a lovey in the crib when your baby is 8 months old. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against placing any soft objects, including loveys, in the crib due to the risk of suffocation. 

You can introduce a very small and safe lovey during daytime play and interactions.

However, a very small and lightweight lovey can go into the baby’s crib with the permission of the doctor. 

Just like “Itzy Ritzy – Bitzy infant Lovey,” It’s so small, just the size of the baby’s head. It is just a few ounces in weight and has no loose parts. 

It’s essential to seek permission from your baby’s doctor first. Some pediatricians might approve a small lovey in the crib, but it’s crucial to follow their guidance to ensure the safety of your baby.

No blanket-type or big loveys:

Never leave big blankets or large soft toys near your baby when you’re not there. They can cover the baby’s face and make it hard for them to breathe.

A few years ago, a 7-month-old baby suffocated under a blanket. He pulled the blanket through the crib rail and got stuck in it.  (source)

When can a baby sleep with a lovey without the risk of suffocation?

A baby can sleep with a lovey without the risk of suffocation according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) when they reach 1 year of age.

It’s important to wait until this age to ensure that your baby has developed the necessary motor skills and coordination to move the lovey away if it accidentally covers their face.

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