light blue nursery ideas

Today, I’m excited to talk about decorating a baby nursery in light blue.

Light blue is a calm and pretty color, perfect for your little one’s room.

I’ll show you some great ideas to make the nursery look wonderful.

We’ll look at some really nice pictures for inspiration.

Then, I’ll share some easy and fun decorating ideas.

These will help you create a cozy and lovely space for your baby.

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So, let’s get started and make your baby’s room beautiful and special!

The Psychology of Light Blue in Nursery Design

Light blue is a color that’s not just visually appealing, but also has a significant impact on our emotions and behavior, especially in a nursery setting.

  1. Calming: It reminds us of the sky and sea, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. This is great for helping your baby sleep and stay calm.

  2. Soothing for Stress: Light blue has a soothing effect, reducing stress and anxiety, which is beneficial not just for babies but also for parents.

  3. Gender-Neutral: It’s a great color for any baby, moving away from traditional pink or blue themes.

  4. Versatile for Growth: As your child grows, light blue remains a suitable and adaptable color, fitting well with different age stages and interests.

Choosing the Right Shade of Light Blue

Choosing the right shade of light blue for your nursery is important, as different shades can create various atmospheres and moods. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect shade:

Consider the Room Size:

Lighter shades of blue tend to make a room feel larger and airier, which is great for smaller nurseries.

Darker shades can make a large room feel cozier but might be overpowering in a small space.

Look at the Lighting:

Natural light can affect how a color looks.

In rooms with plenty of sunlight, a softer, paler blue might be ideal.

In a room with less natural light, a brighter or more saturated blue can add warmth.

Think About the Theme:

If you have a specific theme in mind, like nautical or sky-themed, choose a shade of blue that complements that theme.

For a nautical theme, a deeper, ocean-like blue might work, while a sky theme could use a softer, airier blue.

Mix and Match:

Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of light blue.

You can use a lighter shade on the walls and a darker or more vibrant shade in accessories or fabrics.

Test It Out:

Before committing, buy sample paints and test them on a small section of the wall. Observe how the color changes throughout the day as the lighting changes.

Best Shades Of Blue For Nursery:

When selecting light blue shades for a nursery, you’ll want to choose ones that create a calming, soothing atmosphere.

Here are some popular light blue shades that work beautifully in nurseries:

best shades of light blue for nursery
  1. Sky Blue: This is a classic choice that mimics the gentle hues of a clear sky. It’s uplifting and serene, perfect for creating a peaceful environment.

  2. Powder Blue: A soft, muted shade, powder blue is subtle and gentle, making it a great backdrop for a variety of decor styles and themes.

  3. Aqua Blue: For a slightly more vibrant nursery, aqua blue offers a refreshing and cheerful feel while still maintaining the calming qualities of blue.

  4. Ice Blue: This is a very pale, almost white-blue that can help make a small nursery feel more spacious and airy.

  5. Duck Egg Blue: A shade that blends green and blue, duck egg blue is warm and soothing, and it pairs well with natural wood and creamy whites.

  6. Periwinkle Blue: A mix of blue and violet, periwinkle is unique and can add a touch of whimsy and softness to the nursery.

Coordinating Colors and Themes

You can also choose to coordinate different colors with light blue which can create a harmonious and visually appealing space.

Coordinating Colors:

  1. White: A classic combination, light blue and white create a fresh, clean look. White furniture, linens, or curtains can beautifully complement light blue walls.
  2. Grey: Grey pairs well with light blue, offering a modern and sophisticated feel. You can choose different shades of grey for rugs, cribs, or other nursery furniture.
  3. Soft Yellow: For a cheerful and sunny atmosphere, soft yellow accents can brighten up a light blue nursery. This works well in wall art, cushions, or toys.
  4. Mint Green or Sage: These green tones blend nicely with light blue for a nature-inspired, calming environment.
  5. Lavender: For a subtle, whimsical touch, lavender or soft purple accents can add depth and interest to a light blue nursery.
  6. Coral or Peach: If you want to add a pop of color, coral or peach are vibrant choices that complement light blue without overpowering it.


  1. Nautical: A classic theme for a light blue nursery. Add elements like ships, anchors, and sea creatures in the decor.
  2. Sky and Clouds: Decorate with cloud-shaped pillows, sky-themed wall art, or a ceiling mural of a sunny sky.
  3. Woodland: Incorporate elements of nature with animal motifs, tree decals, and natural wooden textures.
  4. Minimalist Modern: Keep it simple with clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal clutter. Focus on the basics with stylish functionality.
  5. Vintage Charm: Mix light blue with floral patterns, antique furniture, and vintage accessories for a timeless look.
  6. Whimsical Fairytale: Create a magical feel with fairy lights, delicate wall stickers of stars or fairies, and soft, flowing fabrics.

Light Blue Nursery Ideas And Inspirations:

Now, Let’s check out these beautiful nurseries designed using the shades of light blue.

1- Paint The Upper Wall Light Blue

Paint the top half of your walls with light blue to make it look like the sky.

Use white for the bottom half and your furniture to keep things looking clean and bright.

Choose wooden shelves for a warm touch.

Then, have fun with animal decorations – a rug that looks like a bear on the floor, a tall giraffe toy, and some animal pictures above the changing table.

2- Checkered Wallpaper

Cover your walls with checkered light blue wallpaper for a playful touch that’s soothing too.

Keep your furniture white to make the room feel open and inviting.

Add a comfy armchair with a soft pillow and a round ottoman with a fun pattern for you to sit and enjoy.

Don’t forget a chandelier that looks like it’s made of birdies for a whimsical touch.

3- Use Soft Blue, White, And Grey together

To bring this look to your baby’s room, start with painting one wall in a gentle light blue, setting a calm and joyful mood.

For the floor, choose a soft grey carpet—it’s not just cozy for little feet, but it’ll also hide small stains well.

White furniture will stand out and brighten up the room.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch with some sweet animal drawings above where your baby sleeps.

Finish the look with a few plush toys in blue, and there you have it—a perfect, peaceful spot for your baby to grow and explore.

4- Create Modern Blue Accent Nursery

To recreate this smart look in your nursery, pick a corner or a small section of the room for a splash of blue.

This isn’t a typical light blue; it’s a tad richer, giving just the right amount of color without overwhelming the space.

The key is to keep it to just one area – it creates a focal point and makes the room interesting.

For the rest, use whites and light browns.

A white crib and dresser will make the space feel open, while a light brown rug and wooden accents bring warmth.

Add a playful touch with some polka-dot wall stickers that match the blue and brown theme.

Keep it simple, keep it chic, and you’ll have a nursery that looks just like this – a special little corner for your special little one.

5- Light Blue Board And Batten Accent Wall

To get this nursery’s classic and stylish look, create a board and batten accent wall and paint it a soothing light blue.

This gives texture and interest to your baby’s room. Keep the other walls a soft white for a crisp, clean contrast.

Use natural wood for the crib and shelves to add warmth and a touch of nature.

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6- Use Light Blue In bedding And Curtains Only

To capture this nursery’s gentle charm, choose very light blue for the bedding and curtains.

This will give your baby’s room a soft, calming feel.

Keep the walls neutral with a clean white or soft grey, and pick a crib and armchair in classic, timeless styles.

Then, for that touch of light blue, find a crib set with a pale blue hue and match your window curtains to it.

This way, the blue becomes a quiet accent, making the space feel restful and soothing.

Add a few plush toys and a comfy rug, and you’ll have a nursery that feels just as serene and sweet.

7- Use Light Blue Patterned Wallpaper And Bedding

To bring this refreshing and stylish nursery design into your home, focus on the delicate balance of patterns and solids.

Start with the walls: look for wallpaper with a light blue and white pattern, which gives a soft, decorative backdrop without being too busy.

For the bedding and cushions, choose fabrics that echo the wall’s pattern to create a cohesive look.

The solid light blue curtains add depth and a pop of color without clashing with the walls.

Keep the furniture solid white to maintain a crisp, clean look that complements the patterns without competing for attention.

This combination of patterned walls and solid colors creates a peaceful and balanced space, perfect for soothing your baby to sleep.

8- Try Moon And Stars On the Wall

For a nursery with a starry theme, add a stripe of light blue on the wall near the ceiling and decorate it with white star stickers.

Match the crib bedding and curtains to this sky theme.

White furniture will keep the room looking bright and peaceful.

9- Try Blush Pink with Light Blue

To recreate this lovely nursery pairing light blue with a touch of pink, start by painting one wall in a light blue shade to serve as the accent.

Then, choose pink curtains that add a gentle pop of color while maintaining a serene vibe.

Keep the rest of the room neutral with white furniture, like a crib and changing table, to create a clean and airy feel.

10- Use Blue And White Horizontal Strips

Decorating with light blue and white stripes going side to side makes a room look bigger.

The light blue color is soft and relaxing, which is great for a baby’s room. It helps babies sleep better.

Having furniture and decorations in the same light blue and white colors makes the room look nice and peaceful.

It’s like everything fits together just right, making a calm place for a baby.

11- Use Light Blue On the Walls Alone

Simply painting the walls with an attractive dusty blue hue and complementing them with lovely white curtains and bedding can make the room look charming.

Opt for furniture in a natural wood shade to brighten up the space and enhance its appeal.

12- Use light Blue Board And Batten On All Walls

Opt for a classic board and batten wall design throughout the room, painted in a gentle powder blue.

Complement this with white furniture and bedding to create a fresh and clean look.

A rug that blends white and blue tones will tie the space together beautifully, adding a lovely touch to the nursery.

13- Try Themed Light Blue Wallpaper

You could go for a special wall covering with a soft blue picture on it instead of just plain blue paint.

This can make the nursery look like a storybook, really sweet and pretty.

White furniture and soft blankets or sheets will look nice with the blue on the walls.

If you put down a rug with blue and white in it, it will make the whole room feel cozy and look great.

14- Light blue On The Walls And Cushions

To set up a nursery similar to the one in the image, you can paint the walls a soft sky blue, which makes the room feel light and airy.

Add in white furniture, like a crib and a comfy chair, which gives a clean and bright look. A fluffy white rug on the floor can make the room feel extra cozy.

You can also put up some shelves for books and toys, and maybe hang a few pictures that match the room’s colors.

The gentle mix of blue and white creates a peaceful spot for your baby to sleep and play.

15- Use Dotted Light Blue Wallpaper

The dotted light blue wallpaper in the nursery gives a playful touch to the room.

It’s a light and calm color, nice for a baby’s room, with little dots that make it fun to look at without being too busy.

It looks great with the white crib and chair, making the whole room feel peaceful and happy.

16- Try Verticle Light Blue And White Stripes

Using up-and-down stripes in light blue and white makes the walls look taller, which can make the whole room feel bigger.

These soft blues and whites give a calm, ocean-like theme that’s really nice for a baby’s room.

To do this, you can paint stripes or put up striped wallpaper.

Add some white baby furniture, and you’ve got a sweet, airy nursery that feels like a bigger space.

17- Try Polka Dots

Polka dots are really popular because they’re fun and timeless.

They can make a nursery feel happy and playful.

For a light blue polka dot nursery, you can stick up wallpaper with light blue dots.

It’s easy and looks cute.

Pair it with simple white baby furniture to keep the room looking fresh and bright.

This kind of design is perfect for a little one’s room and doesn’t go out of style.

18- Try Delicate Floral Wallpaper

The nursery features a delicate floral wallpaper in blue and white, offering a classic and gentle look.

This wallpaper pattern is subtle and brings a touch of nature and softness to the room.

The white crib against the floral backdrop creates a serene and calming environment, ideal for a baby’s restful space.

This combination of blue and white with floral patterns is timeless and can be easily matched with other nursery accessories to create a cohesive and tranquil atmosphere.

19- Try Checkered Curtains Only

20- Blue Checkered Accent Wall Paired With Grey

The checkered white and blue curtains in this nursery add a charming and cozy touch to the room, creating a playful yet orderly look.

Paired with white furniture, they give the space a bright and clean feel.

A light blue glider offers a comfy spot for parents and adds a nice pop of color that matches the curtains.

The white rug adds warmth and comfort underfoot.

21- Use Blue Lining

Using blue trim on the edges of bedding and curtains is a smart way to add a touch of color to a light blue nursery.

It creates a neat, tailored look and ties together the room’s design.

This detail can pull the whole theme together, giving it a finished and professional look that’s just right for a sweet baby’s room.

22- Try Dusty Blue Shades

Take a look at the beautiful dusty blue nursery.

It’s a lovely design to copy. You can use solid dusty blue curtains and combine them with classic light blue and white wallpaper and furniture.

The white dresser and glider help keep the room looking neat and clean.

23- Try Light Blue Dresser

Get a pretty white wallpaper with a touch of light blue pattern.

Keep everything else in the room all white, like the crib, bedding, and glider.

Then, add a light blue dresser to make the room look even better.

24- Try Yellow Rug With Light Blue Walls

Try adding a yellow rug to the mix when you have light blue walls and white furniture in your nursery.

This contrast will make the nursery look absolutely stunning.

The combination of light blue, white, and a touch of sunny yellow creates a bright and cheerful atmosphere that’s perfect for a beautiful nursery.”

25- Two Shades Of Blue with Yellow

Don’t feel restricted to just one shade of blue.

You can use two or more for a vibrant nursery.

Try very light blue paint on the walls, a medium light blue rug, and a dark blue glider.

To make the nursery even brighter, consider using a crib and curtains in contrasting colors.

26- Pair Yellow, Grey And Blue

Create a peaceful baby room by painting the walls a soft blue and adding white trim for a clean look.

Pick light yellow curtains to let sunshine in and a simple wood crib for a cozy feel.

A small, sparkly light can make the room special. Put a comfy, dark gray rug with a pretty pattern on the floor for playtime.

Add some cute pictures on the walls that babies like to look at.

Keep it simple and calm, with just a few colors and soft things to make a nice space for your baby to sleep and play.

27- Yellow Wallpaper With Blue Bedding And Curtains

Brighten up a nursery with yellow patterned wallpaper.

Pair it with light blue and white bedding and furniture to keep things cozy and calm.

A soft, plain carpet and light blue curtains will tie the room together, making a sunny and soothing space for your baby.

28- Place a Yellow Rug To Give The Room A Life

The nursery’s light blue color scheme promotes calm and relaxation, essential for a baby’s room.

Blue is known for its soothing qualities, while the white accents give a clean, open feel.

The pale yellow rug offers a warm, gentle contrast, adding coziness and a hint of cheerfulness.

29- Try the Orange Rocking Chair

To create a nursery with a pleasing contrast, consider using light blue and white as the primary colors, creating a calm and clean base.

Then, add touches of orange strategically to infuse vibrancy and visual interest.

You can achieve this by incorporating orange accents such as cushions, wall art, or a cozy chair.

This pop of orange adds a lively contrast to the soothing blue and white backdrop, making the room visually stimulating

30- Try Out Light Blue, Green, And White

Opting for a contrast of sage green, light blue, and yellow is another appealing option.

Sage green pairs beautifully with this combination.

You can consider painting the walls in light blue, adding yellow curtains, and incorporating sage green into the bedding and cushions.

31- Try Dusty Rose Pink With Light Blue And White

Combining dusty rose pink with light blue is a lovely way to design a bright and charming nursery.

Use light blue for the walls and major furniture pieces, and add touches of dusty rose pink through bedding, curtains, or wall decor to create a soothing yet cheerful ambiance for your baby.

Sample Planning Of Light Blue Nursery Set up

Here’s how you can set up a baby nursery in blue color.

1- Get a light blue and white wallpaper

You can paint the walls light blue or just get a peel-and-stick wallpaper and paste them on the wall.

2- Get white nursery furniture

White Furniture goes best with light blue as using darker colors will make your nursery look dead.

3- Get light blue or white curtains

If you choose to get patterned wallpaper, choose solid-colored curtains.

Choose either blue or white.

If you want to design a contrasting nursery, you can choose pale yellow, coral, blush pink, or other contrasting color curtains.

4- Get a light blue or contrasting colored rug

Choose a light blue or contrasting colored rug. Choose according to your theme and curtain colors.

5- Decorate with floating shelves

Use Wall Art, Floating Shelves, Contrasting Stuffed Toys or Bedding to decorate the nursery.

Light Blue Nursery Decor Items

Check out these beautiful light blue decor items.

Light blue and white wallpaper

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Wall Art

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Blue, Grey Animal Baby Mobile

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Plant Pots


Throw Pillows

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Wait! There’s more. Check more baby boy nursery ideas here.

Final Words

I hope these light blue nursery ideas have sparked your creativity and given you a clear direction for designing the perfect space for your little one.

Remember, it’s all about creating a cozy and welcoming environment where both you and your baby can make cherished memories.

For more creative nursery decor inspiration and ideas, click here.

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