newborn sleeping while mom is showering

As a new mom, finding time for self-care, like taking a shower, can feel like a juggling act. You’re constantly balancing the needs of your newborn with your own. 

But what happens when you need a quick shower and there’s no one else to watch your little one? 

Is it okay to leave a newborn alone for a few minutes? 

This is a common concern many new mothers face. In this article, we’ll explore practical tips and guidelines for those moments when you need a little time for personal care, ensuring your baby’s safety and your peace of mind. 

Let’s tackle this challenge together and find solutions that work for you and your newborn.

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Struggles of a new mom

I can remember those early days of motherhood, when time seemed to blur into a continuous cycle of feeding, changing, and comforting my little one. 

There were moments when even the simplest tasks felt monumental. 

I remember days when I couldn’t even sneak away to use the bathroom because my baby needed to nurse, seemingly around the clock.

The emotional cocktail of immense love mixed with sheer exhaustion was overwhelming at times. 

Each day was a dance of prioritizing my baby’s needs, often at the expense of my own, a reality that so many new moms face. 

It’s a journey of endless love, but it’s also a testament to the strength and resilience that we discover within ourselves as mothers.


Can you leave a newborn alone while you shower?

Yes, you can leave your newborn alone for a quick shower, but it’s crucial to ensure they are in a safe environment.

Ideally, the baby should be sleeping in their crib or bassinet, which is a secure and comfortable spot.

Make sure you can hear the baby while you’re in the shower, to respond quickly if needed. Safety and being able to monitor your baby’s sounds are key.

You can also put the baby in a portable bassinet and keep them around you while you do your chores. 

Practical tips from a mom who has been there

Following are some practical tips that can help you when you have no time for shower with a newborn. 

Shower after baby massage, bath, and putting them to sleep

Taking a shower after you’ve given your baby a massage, bathed them, and put them to sleep is a smart move. 

This routine typically leaves your baby relaxed and more likely to nap pretty deep, giving you a chance for a quick, peaceful shower while they sleep safely in their crib. 

It was my go-to way to balance myself and my baby care. 

Make sure they are well-fed and rested

To ensure a smoother shower time for yourself, make sure your baby is well-fed and rested before you begin.

A satisfied and sleepy baby is less likely to wake up for a feed, giving you a few undisturbed minutes to enjoy your shower. 

This way, you can take care of your needs while your baby rests comfortably.

Leave the bathroom door open

Leaving the bathroom door open while you shower is a good idea when you have a newborn. 

This allows you to hear your baby more clearly, ensuring that you can respond quickly if they need you. 

It helps in maintaining a sense of connection with your baby, even as you take a few minutes for your own care.

You must be able to hear the baby

Being able to hear your baby while you shower is crucial. 

It’s important to ensure that nothing obstructs your ability to listen for any sounds or cries from your baby. 

This way, you can respond promptly if needed, ensuring your baby’s safety while also taking care of yourself. 

Keeping the environment quiet enough to hear your baby is a key part of balancing self-care with attentive parenting.

Use baby monitor

Using a baby monitor connected to your phone is an excellent strategy for showering when you have a newborn. 

You can place your phone in a visible spot within the bathroom, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby while you shower. 

This setup ensures that you’re immediately aware if your baby needs you, providing both safety for your baby and peace of mind for you.

Baby Bassinet Should Be empty

Ensuring that the crib or bassinet where your baby sleeps is empty is very important. This means removing any pillows, loose bedding, toys, or stuffed animals. 

A clear sleeping area reduces the risk of suffocation and entanglement, and adheres to safe sleep guidelines. 

It’s about creating a safe, uncluttered space for your baby, giving you peace of mind while you take a shower. 

Where to put newborn while showering

When showering, the safest place to put your newborn (if sleeping) is in their bassinet or crib, which should be clear of any other items like pillows, toys, or loose bedding. 

It’s important not to place the baby on a bed or any flat surface without borders, as there’s a risk of the baby rolling off or getting into an unsafe position. 

By using the bassinet or crib, you ensure a secure and enclosed space, keeping your baby safe while you take a quick shower. 

This practice aligns with safe sleep guidelines and provides peace of mind for you as a parent.

What if the baby starts crying and you are in the bathroom

If your baby starts crying while you’re in the shower, it’s important to keep calm and not rush. Rushing can lead to accidents, like slipping or falling. 

Safety is paramount for both you and your baby.

While you’re finishing up, talk to your baby in a loud, soothing voice. 

Hearing your voice can often calm them down, as it provides a sense of security and comfort. 

Babies recognize their parent’s voice and find reassurance in it. 

Once you’re out and safely dried off, you can attend to your baby’s needs more directly. 

Remember, staying calm and collected is key in managing such situations effectively.

how to shower when baby is awake

When you need to shower while your baby is awake, bringing the bassinet in front of the bathroom door where you can see them is a great solution. 

Position it so your baby is within your line of sight. 

Singing a lullaby while you shower can keep your baby engaged and comforted by the sound of your voice. Before you start, ensure your baby is well-fed and has a clean diaper. 

This setup helps keep your baby content and gives you a chance to have a quick shower, all while maintaining a visual and auditory connection with your little one. 

It’s a practical way to meet your needs and keep your baby happy and safe at the same time.

Can you bring the newborn to the bathroom?

You should try to avoid bringing your newborn to the bathroom but if you have to do so then, yes, you can bring your newborn to the bathroom while you shower.

Newborns are more vulnerable and require constant supervision. 

When you bring your newborn into the bathroom, place them in a secure bassinet on the floor, away from any water splash or bathroom hazards. 

The bathroom should be comfortably warm, as newborns can’t regulate their body temperature as well as older babies.

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In conclusion, showering as a new parent can be a balancing act, but with a few thoughtful strategies, it’s definitely manageable. 

Whether it’s using a baby monitor, positioning a bassinet safely in the bathroom, or simply talking to your baby from the shower, these tips ensure your little one’s safety while allowing you some much-needed personal time.

Remember, it’s about creating a safe environment for your newborn and keeping calm, no matter the situation.

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