ferber method diaper change

The ferber method looks like a straight method but there are many small things and problems that do not come into mind when you plan to start to follow it. A simple question like “When and how to change the diaper during Ferber method of sleep training? In this article, we are going to discuss it in detail. 

The tips in this article are very helpful, don’t forget to read them. 

Can you change diapers during the Ferber method:

Yes, you can change the diapers while following the Ferber method.

Since hygiene comes first it is necessary that if the diaper is dirty it has to be changed.

You may face some challenges while changing like the baby may become wide awake or uncomfortable while changing but it is important to do it.

Why it is important to change the diaper without delaying:

  • A dirty diaper is unhygienic and a threat to babies overall health.

  • The baby needs to be comfortable to settle down easily if he gets up in the middle of the night.

  • It’s important to prevent rash as baby skin is very sensitive.

  • A clean diaper ensures that the baby sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

  • To ensure that the diaper does not leak on the bed.
ferber method diaper change

When do you change the diaper during the Ferber method?

Most babies have a regular pattern of filling the diaper at night.

Notice when the baby starts to look uncomfortable because of the diaper, you must aim to change it around minutes before that time. 

Also, note the timings of when you have last put a fresh diaper.

Try to change the diaper minutes before the child sleeps, in that way, a child could sleep undisturbed for a straight 6-7 hours.

Children usually dont poop in sleep unless they are tiny newborns, so keeping up a diaper only with pee can be kept unchanged for 6-7 hours.

The key point is whenever you change the diaper at night, the baby should be in deep sleep. 

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Super helpful tips to change a diaper while sleep training (Ferber Method):

I understand how crucial it could be for the parents to change the diaper without waking up the child during the sleep training.

Here are some awesome tips to make the process hassle-free without disturbing the child.

1- Switch to overnight diaper: 

The best way to keep the baby dry throughout the night is to shift to the overnight diaper.

You won’t need to change the diaper at all unless the baby has pooped.

I suggest Huggies Overnites Overnight Diapers. They are absolutely amazing. These diapers have the ability to keep your baby dry overnight. So, it’s worth giving them a try. 

2- Change the diaper before your baby notices it:

Most overnight diapers keep the baby dry. However, if you still need to change it or you are using a normal diaper.

Then do it before the baby starts to become uncomfortable in the previous diaper.

A delay can make the baby’s skin itchy down there, and he can wake up from the discomfort.

A diaper with a wetness indicator can be very helpful.

3- Make the baby’s bladder empty before bed:

While doing the bedtime rituals, gently rub the baby’s lower abdomen in a circular motion or downward motion, and the baby will pee.

After that change the diaper. So the diaper remains dry for more time. 

4- Keep the diaper caddy handy:

I absolutely love it when things are arranged and approachable, especially for a mom. 

So for a diaper change process at night keep a diaper caddy beside the baby.

A diaper caddy is a storage basket or container that holds all the diaper essentials or the things you need to change the diaper.

Keep the diaper caddy checked every day and refill the things that are near to being over. It should have all the things:

  • Diapers
  • Disposal Diaper bags
  • Changing pad
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Burp clothes
  • Extra pair of clothes in case of any mess.

5- Use a sleep sack or sleep suit that is easy to open and close:

Make sure that the dress your baby is wearing is easy to zip and unzip from the bottom so you can change the diaper easily. 

Avoid using clothes that have separate bottoms because it increases the possibility of the baby getting up when you put it down or up in the process of changing the diaper. 

You can also use a sleeping bag over a bodysuit if the temperature is cold in your region.

Woolino the 4-season baby sleep bag is a great option when you are sleep training your child and have to change the diaper at night.

You can unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom to do the diaper change without opening the whole bag. 

6- Do not pick up the baby:

Avoid picking up or waking the baby. Make the diaper changes strictly business.

Do not interact.

Even if the baby gets alert, change the diaper quickly and tap his back or sing a lullaby to help him sleep back.

7- Maintain a sleepy environment:

If there is a need to change the diaper at night, it would be most likely to be one time in the middle of the night. So enter the room and sneak in quietly, keep the lights dim, and do not make noise. If the child is sleeping on his side, carefully change his position in diaper changing one and start the process quietly.

8- Sing a lullaby while changing:

Even if the baby is sound asleep. Singing a lullaby while changing the diaper will not wake him up.

Just like dream feeding, diaper change would also become your child’s habit and he may feel like dreaming while his diaper gets changed.

9- Warm the wipes before using them:

When the cold wipe will touch the baby’s skin they may wake up.

Hold the wipe in your fist for a few seconds before you use it for your baby. 

baby playing with diaper

How to change the diaper during the Ferber method?

To make the process smoother, I am guiding you step by step to change the diaper so that the beautiful mama and the precious baby do not get into any trouble.

Phase 1- Preparation:

  • Change the diaper when the previous diaper is not very full. Nowadays diapers are coming with indicators. 

  • Your baby should be sound asleep.

  • Keep the diaper caddy near the baby’s crib. It should have all the essentials ready. 

  • Turn on dim lights if the room is fully dark. The lights should only be enough to see the baby and the diaper essentials.

Phase 2 – Diaper changing phase

  • Calmly enter the room.

  • Start singing a lullaby (in a soothing tone) before you touch the baby.

  • Keep your touch gentle.

  • Put the baby in the diaper-changing position.

  • Make every move patiently.

  • Unzip the baby’s dress from the bottom while doing all the steps very slowly.

  • Change the diaper and zip up.

Phase 3- Putting back to sleep – (If The Baby Wakes Up)

  • If the baby wakes up, stay there while singing a lullaby for two minutes. Rub the baby’s belly and let him go back to sleep.

  • Do not make eye contact, do not talk. Make it strictly business. 

  • If the baby doesn’t go back to sleep (which is rare), leave the room and follow the progressive waiting intervals according to your stage of the Ferber method. 

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My first suggestion is to switch to good overnight diapers such as huggies overnight diapers.

If you still need to change it at night, do it when the baby is in deep sleep.

Do not turn on the lights, keep your touch gentle, and change the diaper without waking up the baby.

If he wakes up during the process, follow the Ferber method technique again.

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