baby standing in the crib during sleep training

The Ferber Method usually helps, but what if your baby starts standing up during it? That’s a common puzzle for parents. In this article, we’ll break down why it happens and what to do then. Let’s make bedtime a bit easier for both you and your little one.

Understanding when and why babies stand during sleep training

Babies stand during sleep training because they’re waiting for their parents and want comfort. When they learn to stand, they use this new skill to call for you. It’s their way of saying, “I need you!” Understanding this helps parents respond with comfort and support during sleep training.

What to do in such a situation?

  • Wait for the Progressive Waiting Interval: Be patient during the waiting intervals, whether the baby is crying or not.
  • Enter the Room at Scheduled Times: Stick to the charted schedule (as per Ferber method chart). Enter the room when it’s time, avoiding immediate response.
ferber method chart
  • Lay Them Down Without Picking Up: Gently lay your baby down without picking them up, maintaining a reassuring but calm presence. Avoid eye contact as well. 
  • Offer Comfort: Use comforting words, gentle patting, or whatever soothing technique you usually employ.
  • Leave the Room After Comforting: Exit the room when the comforting time is over, typically after 2 minutes.
  • Wait for the Next Progressive Interval: Continue with the Ferber Method, waiting for the next scheduled interval to repeat the process.

In short, the method remains consistent; you do not have to make changes. 

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Stop the baby from standing up during the Ferber method:

You can try to make standing up difficult for the baby so they can keep lying down. 

1- Use of Sleep Sacks or Wearable Blankets:

When you want your baby to stay lying down during sleep training, using sleep sacks or wearable blankets can really help. These special sleep clothes keep your baby comfortable and make it a bit harder for them to stand up.

Pick sleep sacks that don’t have openings for the feet. This makes it tougher for your baby to push against the crib mattress with their feet, making standing up a bit more difficult.

For example HALO Sleep Sack

2- Adjust the Crib Mattress Height:

Lower the crib mattress to make it more challenging for the baby to stand. This reduces the temptation to stand up.

3- Address Any Discomfort:

Make sure your baby feels good. If they’re teething or something else is bothering them, help ease the discomfort. This can stop them from standing up during sleep training.

Be consistent:

Consistency in sleep training creates a stable and secure environment for the baby, fosters positive habits, builds trust, reduces confusion, boosts parental confidence, supports effective learning, and contributes to long-term sleep success.

Find out more about ferber method here. 

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