disney princess nursery decor ideas

Are you planning to create a Disney princess theme nursery for your baby girl? Well, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to share some fantastic nursery decor ideas to make your baby’s room feel like a magical kingdom.

Plus, I’ll give you tips on how to do it without making the space too cluttered. So, let’s get started on creating a charming and enchanting nursery fit for your tiny royal!

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Disney Princess Color Scheme

You can choose a good color scheme for your baby’s nursery that relates to Disney princesses.

Only by choosing the right palette, you can decorate a neat nursery that looks royal.

For example, the following shades can be good choices.

Soft Pastels:

soft pastel princess colors

Soft pinks, blues, and purples are classic choices for a Disney princess nursery. These colors are often associated with characters like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Elsa.

Pink and Gold:

pink and gold (bella and jasmine)

A combination of blush pink and gold accents can create a regal and elegant look, perfect for princess-themed decor. Gold can represent the opulence of princesses like Belle and Jasmine.

Lavender and Mint:

Lavender and mint (Ariel)

Lavender and mint green can provide a fresh and enchanting color palette. These colors are reminiscent of Rapunzel’s tower and Ariel’s underwater world.

Blue and Silver:

blue and silver (Cindrella)

Shades of blue paired with silver accents can evoke the charm of Cinderella’s ballroom. It’s a timeless and sophisticated color combination.

Peach and Coral:

peach and coral (merida)

Peach and coral tones can bring a warm and cheerful vibe to the nursery.

Yellow and Pink:

yellow and pink shade (bella)

A combination of bright yellow and soft pink can create a cheerful and playful atmosphere. This color scheme is reminiscent of Belle’s iconic ball gown.

White and Soft Gray:

white and soft grey

For a more neutral approach, consider using white and soft gray as the primary colors with pops of pastel shades for a subtle princess theme.


If you can’t decide on a single color scheme, you can go for a rainbow-themed nursery. Incorporate various pastel colors to represent different Disney princesses.

Disney Princess Nursery Decor Ideas

Check out these beautiful and magical nursery decor ideas to decorate a Disney princess theme nursery.

Princess Wall Decor

The walls are the most prominent part of a nursery. You can decorate them with these things:

Wall decals and murals

Princess wall decals or murals can transform a princess-themed nursery into a magical realm.

These decals featuring beloved Disney princesses, castles, and enchanted scenes add charm and whimsy to the walls.

Wall Art

Decorating a nursery with a princess theme can be made extra special with wall art.

If you start with plain-colored walls, adding some princess-themed pictures or paintings can make the room feel like a royal palace.

These pictures might show Disney princesses, castles, or magical scenes.


Princess curtains make the room look magical and keep the light soft.

Princess Crib Decor

The crib is the heart of the nursery, decorate it to give your baby a royal space.

Crib canopy

A royal-style crib canopy can add a touch of elegance and magic to a princess-themed nursery. It’s a fancy curtain that hangs over the crib.

Bedding and Linens

Crib bedding is important in a nursery, especially in a princess-themed one.

It includes things like sheets, blankets, and bumpers that go inside the crib.

Choosing bedding with Disney princess designs or soft colors like pink and purple can make the crib look enchanting.

Baby Mobile

A baby mobile in a princess theme is a charming addition to a nursery.

It usually hangs above the crib and features Disney princesses or princess-themed elements.

As it twirls gently, it captures your baby’s attention and creates a soothing atmosphere.

It’s both decorative and entertaining, making it perfect for a princess-themed nursery.

Princess Accessories

Othere accessories can make the nursery look very charming if they are chosen nicely.

Table lamp

The table lamp’s soft light creates a warm, comforting feel, and its simple design fits well in the nursery.

storage cubes

Storage cubes are versatile and tidy, perfect for organizing toys and books in the nursery while giving it a royal look.

books and toy organizer

A book and toy organizer adorned with princess images is both functional and whimsical, adding a charming touch while keeping the nursery neat.

Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad cover becomes a part of the furniture as its always visible.

More Tips To Decorate A Royal Nursery

You don’t always need specific themed decor items to give the nursery a specific look. you can give the nursery a royal look using the following items and tips.

  • Fairy Lights: Incorporate twinkling fairy lights to create a magical ambiance reminiscent of fireflies in the forest.

  • Castle-Shaped Shelving: Install castle-shaped shelves to display princess figurines and storybooks in an imaginative way.

  • Princess-Styled Name Banner: Personalize the nursery with a name banner featuring Disney princess-inspired fonts and designs.

  • Enchanted Garden Mural: Paint an enchanted garden mural with whimsical flowers, animals, and fairy-tale creatures.

  • Glitter Wall: Use glitter-infused paint or wallpaper to add a subtle sparkle to the nursery walls, resembling pixie dust.

  • Princess-Style Drapes: Choose drapes or curtains with royal patterns or fabric that resembles princess gowns.

  • Princess Silhouettes: Frame silhouettes of Disney princesses or their iconic poses as wall art.

  • Royal Mirror: Hang a decorative mirror with a crown-shaped frame to evoke a regal atmosphere.

Tips To Decorate A Good-Looking Princess Nursery

Take care of the following things while decorating

  1. Focus on Key Elements: Instead of using every possible princess-themed item, choose a few key pieces that have sentimental value or are particularly striking.

  2. Neutral Base: Use a neutral background color for walls and furniture, such as white, blush pink or soft gray, to provide a calming foundation.

  3. Accent Wall: Reserve the more detailed and vibrant princess-themed decorations for an accent wall, keeping the rest of the walls subtle.

  4. Minimal Patterns: Opt for simple patterns in bedding and curtains to prevent overwhelming the space.

  5. Selective Accessories: Choose a few well-placed accessories, like a princess mobile and one or two wall art pieces, to avoid overcrowding.

  6. Toy Rotation: If you have a collection of princess toys, rotate them regularly to keep the nursery looking fresh without overcrowding shelves and storage.

  7. Open Space: Leave some open floor space for play and movement, ensuring that the room remains functional.

  8. Personalization: Incorporate personalized elements, like a name banner to add a unique touch.

Sample Planning

Check out these sample settings you can choose to create your own bright and modern Disney princess nursery.

plan 1

  • Choose the paint colors related to Disney princesses such as peach and coral.
  • Paint the accent wall with a brighter color.
  • Hang the curtains in a lighter shade.
  • Get white nursery furniture.
  • Hang princess theme wall art on the accent wall.
  • Get a few princess theme accessories to decorate.

Plan 2

  • Use princess theme wall decals to decorate the accent wall.
  • Get white or grey nursery furniture.
  • Hang princess theme curtains.
  • Get bedding and cushions in princess theme solid colors.

Plan 3 (My Favorite)

  • Paint the walls in your favorite Disney princess color theme (light shade).
  • Get pure white nursery furniture.
  • Choose bright coordinating (princess-themed) color cushions.
  • Place a few Disney plushes here and there.


I designed a few nurseries using AI just to give you an idea of what they can look like:

(These ideas do not look perfect but they can give you some inspiration to design your own.)

1- Wall art on accent wall

Accent wall is light pink and the furniture is pure white.

Then there are contrasting bedding and cushions.

After that you can hang themed wall art on the accent wall.

2- Bright Colors

You can mix and match the princess theme colors and create a rainbow nursery featuring all disney princesses.

3- Sleek Style

You can paste princess wall decals on the accent wall and place a few plushes here and there.

keep the rest of the nursery calm and gentle with solid colors.

Final Words

Did you find these ideas helpful? Let me know in the comments.

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