2-year-old sleeping under a blanket

As we navigate the exciting journey of raising our little ones, questions about their safety often loom large. Today, we’re delving into a common concern: Can a 2-year-old suffocate under a blanket?” 

Let’s embark on a quick and friendly exploration to better understand the balance between comfort and caution in our toddlers’ sleep environments. 

After all, a cozy nap should be worry-free for both tots and caregivers alike!

A toddler’s developmental milestones

Two-year-olds are mastering the art of walking, climbing, and exploring their surroundings, driven by an insatiable desire to understand the world.

When it comes to blankets, these toddlers are often transitioning from the snug cocoon of a crib to a toddler bed.

As they assert their independence, it becomes important to consider how they interact with blankets during sleep.

Recommendation of AAP:

AAP doesn’t recommend putting blankets and swaddles on/near the baby until 1 year old, but yours is two already. So, it is generally safe for a 2 year old to sleep with a blanket. 

can a 2-year-old suffocate under a blanekt

Can a 2-year-old suffocate under a blanket?

While it’s generally safe for a 2-year-old to sleep with a blanket, there’s a potential risk of suffocation if the blanket is too big, too heavy, or has side strings that can tangle them.

Firstly, size matters. If the blanket is too big, it can accidentally cover their face, making it hard for them to breathe. Picture it like a cozy fort – amazing for play but not so great for sleep.

Secondly, weight is a factor. A super heavy blanket might make it tricky for them to move around or could feel a bit overwhelming. We want them to feel comfy, not like they’re carrying a backpack of bricks to bed.

Lastly, those cute side strings on some blankets? They can be a bit risky. If they’re too long, there’s a chance our little explorers could get tangled up, and that’s a no-go.

Choosing the right blanket

Consider the following factors when choosing the right blanket for your little one. 

  1. Just Right Size: Not too big, not too small.
  1. Light & Comfy: A blanket that’s not too heavy.
  1. Soft Material: Choose gentle, breathable fabrics like cotton.
  1. No Strings: Say no to long strings or ribbons.
  1. Easy to Wash: Because messes happen.
  1. Right Warmth: Adjust for room temperature and season.
  1. Durable: Tough enough for toddler tugs and cuddles.
  1. Safe Labels: Check for safety standards and certifications.

For example, Hudson Baby blanket that is a cozy, comfortable soft plush blanket, Sized 30×40 inches.

It’s just like my daughter’s blanket (she used to use when she was 2)

my daugter's blanket

Creating a safe sleep environment for toddlers:

Other than the blanket, consider the following things to maintain a safe sleeping environment for the baby:

  1. Cozy & Cool: Keep the room comfortably cool for a good night’s sleep.
  1. Safe Blanket: Choose a light blanket without long strings.
  1. Dim the Lights: Create a calming environment with soft lighting.
  1. Secure Furniture: Ensure furniture is stable and won’t topple over.
  1. No Smoking: Keep the sleep space smoke-free for healthy breathing.
  1. Quiet & Calm: Minimize noise for a peaceful sleep atmosphere.
  1. Childproof Outlets: Cover electrical outlets to prevent accidents.
  1. Secure Window Blinds: Ensure blinds are out of reach to avoid any mishaps.
  1. Check the Temperature: Make sure the room isn’t too hot or too cold.

Importance of supervision during sleep

It’s so important to supervise the child during sleep time. 

Your little one is all tucked in, and guess what? You’re the guardian, ensuring everything is safe and snug. No toys trying to sneak into their sleep space.

The alternative of a blanket for a 2-year-old:

Alright, let’s chat about a game-changing bedtime buddy: the sleep sack! 

As a seasoned mom who’s been there, and done that, let me tell you – these things are a total win.

It’s like a wearable blanket that zips up and keeps them snug as a bug without the fuss of traditional blankets. No more worries about the blanket wandering off, or worse, turning into a potential tangle hazard.

It’s a breeze to use. Easy to slip on, easy to zip up – perfect for those moments when your little one is too sleepy for a blanket wrestling match.

Diaper changes in the middle of the night are a breeze. No need to unwrap and rewrap, just unzip, change, and zip back up. Total game-changer, right?

Meet the Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Toddler Sleep Sack – a sleep game-changer! 

It’s like a cozy cloud for your kiddo, perfect for any weather. The magic? Soft merino wool keeps them comfy year-round. 

Plus, roomy fit, easy diaper changes, and it’s hypoallergenic. Trust me, it’s a bedtime hero! 

Curious for more? Check it out on Amazon. 


Discovering the safest sleep for your 2-year-old! Blankets are cool, but watch size, weight, and strings. Sleep sacks? Total game-changer! No worries about tangles, easy for diaper changes. Check the Woolino 4 Season Sleep Sack – cozy cloud, all-season ready. Soft merino wool, roomy fit, and diaper-friendly. Sleep magic awaits.

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